Special Friends, and Breeders:

Bay Breeze Farms are really good friends who have given us a great opportunity by allowing us to breed our Lacey with their Otis. They have been both helpful and educational to us. I would recommend Bay Breeze to anyone. They are really decent and honest people who have fantastic dogs. You can find bay Breeze here check out their website.  I’m glad I did.

Coldwater Labradors is also a great friend of ours. They have some great dogs and some great talent. Coldwater focuses on the versatile labrador doing both show and hunt tests so you know when you get a labrador from them you get a labrador that does it all.  Here is where to find them

Clubs :

We are members of the LRCP. The LRCP  stands for  The Labrador Retriever Club Of The Potomac. We have been members for about a year and love what they do for  the labrador breed. I would like to thank the LRCP for their help and knowledge they have taught us about the breed and how to raise them and compete them. If you are looking for a good labrador and don’t know where to start the LRCP is a great place to start. There you can meet knowledgeable breeders and specialist. He website is